Ways to Wear Hoodie to Look Attractive


While striking a pose with a proper hoodie anybody would instantly look at you. So many of the people are opting hoodies to make a great appearance during the dull winters. However, hoodies can be teamed up in different ways to give a great look. Here are discussed a few of the ways to team your favourite tee with the right type of hoodie.

Layered Look

The first and most popular one is the layered look. It is about making a style statement with your hoodie and you can do that if you strike a pose properly. If you are looking for a layered look all you need is to find the right winter garment which goes along with the hoody. Choosing a cosy cashmere hoodie can be really a great idea. However, if you cannot find one then you can certainly opt the Dreamville hoodie which is quite popular for layering. You can also team your hoodie with an over-coat or even jacket. Make sure to wear a pair of slim jeans. If you are a fitness freak then choosing the right box-fresh trainers would be a great idea.

It Gives You a Great Look

If you are looking for comfort and coolness all together then there are a lot of ways to get it. And one of the best ways is by teaming up your favourite hoodie with the right type of top or shirt. The best this is that nowadays people have forgotten about those age-old baggy style hoodies. Now people are more into varieties of styled hoodies. This modern style of hoodies can be teamed up with varieties of dresses. Nowadays people are liking more the softer hoodies and avoiding the heavy ones. It is because the heavy ones give a saggy feeling. People now are trying to find doubt something that would give them a smart look. The Honda Hoodie is quiet smart in looking and it is chosen by a lot of people those who are looking for some fresh look.

Team with a Leather Jacket

Another way to mix and match your hoodie is by teaming it up with a leather jacket over it. If you are laughing about it, then trust me, it is going to be a good option. People who team solid coloured hoodies under a long trench coat or a leather jacket looks great from every aspect. Places where it is really cold and you are trying to look stylish, then this pairing up is certainly going to be a great option. For colour combination, if you are wearing a grey coloured jacket then you need to cover it up with a black leather jacket. In this way choosing the right colour combination is also an important factor.

With a Tailored Dress

Another way to combine hoodies is by teaming it up with tailored blazer or suit. This will certainly give you a unique look. Wearing a grey shaded hoodie and teaming it up with a charcoal grey suit will certainly give a nice look.

These are some of the important factors for you to follow while you are looking forward to team hoodies up with varieties of winter and casual dresses.

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