Fashion and Its Impacts on Young Generation


The fashion products include clothes, pants, dresses, skirts, and other accessories as well as various things related to it.

In today’s era, we can perceive clearly that fashions somehow have become the character and even personality for young generations especially females. However, if we perceive it from its original meaning and functions, fashion beautifies one’s appearance and enables him or her to be more confident as well as dare to be different.

The development of fashions has brought about both positive and negative impacts on young generations.

A. Positive Impact of Fashion on today’s generations

1. Emphasizing one’s identity

Fashions aid someone to reveal his or her true identity and to be confident to be his or her own self. Be yourself is much better than to become like people want us to be. Actually, if we can take the positive side of the influence of the development of fashion, the latest fashion models will make teens who wear them become more confident, creative, and unique. That is because they feel that they are different from the others. Teenagers who are able to judge fashion in a positive way will judge that fashion is his or her own personality and does not have to follow current trends.

2. Fashion can help us to save more money

To appear elegant and beautiful, we do not have to use the latest and expensive branded fashions. Be young means being creative. Those who are creative enough will opt cheap stylish fashions that can really fit their styles and body postures. Creative young generations know how to utilize their budgets effectively. There are many online shops that supply stylish fashions at cheap prices. Choose the ones that have low-cost and yet look elegant and expensive. You do not need to spend a lot of costs if you can buy a cheaper one or buy a wholesale one. Fashion is not a matter of price; it is a matter of style and character.

3. Fashion assists someone to be more confident

Wearing appropriate clothes and fashions definitely increases self-confidence. If you buy cheap fashions yet look elegant and fit for your body and style, definitely you will feel good about yourself. Fashion does not always mean expensive branded clothes. As young generations, you ought to know how to distinguish your fashions according to the events and places. Fashion can make you feel confident if you use it in an appropriate moment and place. If your style does not match with the time and moment, you will feel very bad about it.

B. The Negative Impact of Fashion

1. Deteriorating your true identity

Fashion itself is good. The problem is not about fashion. It is about a person. Nowadays, there have been a lot of young people who seem to be very obsessive when it comes to fashion. They do not consider who they are, their body postures, and their styles. What they care about the most is fashion. Not merely a fashion, but the branded and expensive one. Many people spend too much money on fashions, but those fashions are not suitable for them. They appear to be funny but they do not realize it. In some cases, people are willing to borrow money just for branded fashions. People use branded fashions to get popularity and to be seen as a high-class person. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t speak so. Some women end up in jail because of unpaid debts. Obsession of fashion has made them forget about their true self and identity.

2. Wasting your money

It is not wrong at all to spend some amounts of money on branded fashions. If you can afford it then it is perfectly okay. It becomes bad when you know that you can’t afford it and you force yourself to get that branded fashions. Many people are willing to sacrifice their family, parents, dearest ones, children, and friends just for fashions. They ignore their family’s needs and prefer to use the money for branded and expensive fashions. This is a waste of money. There are many elegant fashions at cheaper prices, but why don’t you choose them? It is a waste of money.

Those are some of the negative and positive impacts of the development of fashion that affects the growth of this nation’s generation, especially among teenagers.

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