All The Most Popular Vintage Shoe Styles You Can Get


It can be truly exciting to collect or own a collection of vintage shoes in Australia. Several ladies all around the world invest hours into searching through varying discount stores, speciality shops, online retailers, as well as antique markets with real hopes of getting the most ideal pair of beautiful pumps, flirty flats, or sexy sandals.

They are conscious that wearing vintage footwear is capable of making the difference and could sometimes transform a drab outfit into fab. Even though there are several types, there are a couple of styles that stay popular each year. Such styles are taken to be truly timeless and for the individuals that collect them, they presently feature as much value and style as on the very day they were first produced. This article brings you a list of the foremost styles.

Heels and pumps

Every single woman actually feels much better whenever she happens to be wearing an amazing pair of pumps. Ladies have actually been enjoying the classic style for several centuries and have only just started to treasure and collect the styles and designs of vintage times. Vintage heels will frequently feature colourful, unique linings and will also comprise other peculiar little touches like coloured soles, bejewelled buckles, or even heel details that are truly delicate.

Sandals and slingbacks

Constantly a famous style for the summer season, you will discover these to be among the most popular vintage shoes online. Slingback sandals are certainly an excellent choice when you happen to be collecting vintage footwear. Some among the designs in the style category that are most sought after comprising those with fabric insoles, designs that are Asian-inspired, seashells, and even those that feature huge gold coin details on their toe straps.


Whether you actually prefer rugged cowboy boots or original biker boots, these are certainly an excellent inclusion to any collection of vintage footwear. Even PVC go-go boots of the thigh-high category are certainly a collectable that’s quite popular with the ladies. If you happen to be looking for a quality pair of vintage boots, try and get designs that have the label of a famous, reputed, and well-known designer on them. This is to ensure you are going for quality as there are several and varying offerings in this style that aren’t actually genuine.

Flats and slippers

This is probably the rarest and thus most valuable style and class of vintage footwear. Ballerina slippers and flats are equally fun and exciting to collect just like they are fun and exciting to wear on your feet. As a result of their limited supply and numbers, vintage flats and slippers are frequently produced from much higher quality materials. And they can come in truly excellent conditions when they are found online.

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