Follow These Tips to Give a Long Life to Your Handbags


Handbags are like best friends, you can never have too many of them! This saying holds true in every sense of the word as for a woman, a lifetime is less to own bags! And why shouldn’t it be, because we have a truck load of awesome bags that are sure to flatter the senses of every diva out there. Scour through the net a little and enter keywords like handbags for women, online shopping for women bags and so on and you would be flooded with thousands of results for the same. A sexy pack can turn the look from not to hot and give you that glamorous edge over others instantly.

It’s a known fact that handbags are a woman’s weakness and looking at the mixed bag offered online along with the fabulous discounts, it gets all the valid reasons for the same! Talk of a tote bag, a clutch or a sling bag, there are immense options to pick from. However, these packs are way too expensive for the pocket, which forces us to settle for something we don’t like or shop occasionally. You additionally need to pay a really great sum for purchasing a decent pack. Henceforth it is paramount to deal with the valuable pieces so as to keep them long lasting.

Every bag is made of a different material; say for example a jute bag, leather, suede or silk etc. So, it is vital that you know the right way of their upkeep to ensure they make you look beautiful for the longest period of time. Read on these tips for taking care of your bags in the most ideal way:

Read the care instructions carefully

When you buy women handbags in India, it is always accompanied with a care guide or might carry a tag mentioning its care tips. Do not ignore it and instead read it thoroughly to know the best handling tips of your brand new handbag. Also, every bag has a different story- in simpler words, every piece needs a different approach for its maintenance so be specific.

Different material, different approach

Though every designer bag has an instructional manual, yet in case the one you buy doesn’t’ have it, no worries! Few basic tips always apply to every pack irrespective of its material, make and size. However, this does not mean that what you do with a leather handbag will always hold good for a suede bag as well.

Clean with care

It is important that you handle your bag with utmost care while cleaning it. If the material of your bag allows a cleaning solution to be used on it, then preferably use it in a small quantity and on a clean cloth and then wipe it off. Else, use a cotton cloth to dry wipe the dust off from the pack’s surface. Keep it away from oily, greasy areas that can cause stubborn stains that mar the look of that expensive handbag. In case you have a sack with metallic embellishments, refrain from using damp cloth or something hard to clean as it may result in loosening of those. No matter how much you need, but never over clutter it in the name of carrying your essentials along with you. Excessive weight creates pressure on the straps and the whole bag.

How and where to store them?

Now, after you give them a cleaning session, next in line is how you store them. Remember, no matter how efficiently you clean your tote bags, clutches or leather bags, if you do not store them properly they will lose their shine, quality and longevity. Since you carry all your designer pieces together when you go out, you must keep them in a safe place. First and foremost, never pile up leather or suede bags over each other as the friction produced by the material can cause serious damage to the bags. Also, refrain from keeping them in plastic bags for better look. Use silk or woven material packs rather as they are more secure for various sorts of materials. It is likewise a great thought to stuff a pack with papers when not being used for a long time. Stuffing will keep its shape intact.

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