The Appeal of Bike Short for Women


While there has always been a larger variety for women’s apparel, this can also be our ultimate undoing. With so much to choose from, how do you know what to look for and what is more aesthetic and less functional? First, you need to understand the main components of bike short for women, so you know what to look for:

Bike Short for Women: Size & Fit?

When you are biking long (or short) distances, you subject the lower half of your body through intense work. It is therefore extremely important that the bike shorts you pick fit you comfortably. This means you will not be cursing yourself ten minutes into your ride because of an ill-fitting pair of shorts.

While some women are blessed with more wholesome figures, some are more toned or muscular. As you can imagine, with these vast changes in body structure, especially waist down, there needs to be a wide variety of sizes to accommodate the sea of beautiful women on bikes! You will notice that bike short for women differ from men in the overall diameter. This is because women tend to be fuller around the hips and thighs. This does not mean that you slimmer women are not catered for!

Much like most of your current favorites, you’ll have to try a couple on and figure out what fits you best.

Bike Short for Women: The Style

Just because it is for a workout does not mean you do not have to look cute wearing it! Your clothes reflect who you are, and you should be able to flaunt your personality through your apparel. While the common misjudgment that women care about little other than looking pretty, it does not hurt to look cute while getting in a killer workout. That is why numerous companies have hopped on to make women feel inclusive on this crusade to women empowerment. When you go shopping for bike short for women, you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of choices out there for you!

Bike Short for Women: The Chamois Pad

It is easy to understand why bike shorts are designed with thick padding around the pelvic region. This protects your body from enduring serious aches and pains while also preventing bacterial buildup. While there is no way you can stop yourself from sweating it out through a good workout, you want to make sure the sweat does not pool and cause rashes or infections.

While hunting for your perfect pair of bike short for women, look for chamois pads that are most hydrophobic and of soft and comfortable material. The hydrophobic property will prevent pooling on the padded surface while the comfortable material will minimize chaffing. A pro tip: if you are new to biking or are expecting a long bike ride, a little extra lubricant or anti-chafe cream can’t hurt!

Bike Short for Women: Maintenance

Once you’ve used the bike shorts, make sure to wash them in your washing machine to prevent any sort of bacterial infection. It is universally preferred that you air-dry them instead of sticking it in the dryer. This will help prolong the life of the spandex material in the shorts.

If you are ready for some fresh air, pull out your bikes, put on your new pair of bike shorts for women and enjoy the ride!

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