What Are The Uses of Pressure Washer Hose?


There is a huge range of things you can clean with a pressure washer hose from paths and driveways to vehicle engines and under bodies, to kids toys to roofs and gutters.

Don’t forget to add the correct soap or detergent for the job

With most pressure washers, there’s a reservoir and a selection of nozzles for spraying soapy solutions. Most things you’ll clean can benefit with a small amount of added cleaner which makes the job a bit easier.

Usually a soapy type solution is sprayed on then left to soak for a few minutes before being rinsed off

Start by Using the Slow or Larger Nozzles

Your pressure washer hose will come with a selection of nozzles for different pressures or you may have just one adjustable nozzle. Start cleaning with the highest setting as this will not damage the item you’re cleaning. If you find it’s not too effective the move to a smaller nozzle or adjust your nozzle unlit it cleans properly this way you’ll not damage the surface

• Outdoor furniture

Most outdoor furniture is suitable for being cleaned with a pressure washer, such as aluminum, wood, plastic and cane. Always start in an inconspicuous place to make sure you don’t remove the paint or special protective layers.

  • Outdoor and Boat Cushions

Most outdoor upholstery is designed to be pressure washed, but don’t hold the nozzle too close. After washing set in the sun to dry

• Concrete

All concrete surfaces can be cleaned using a pressure washer hose, if there are oil or grease stains pretreat them with a degreaser, then clean them using a suitable detergent and nozzle. Try and use an even sweeping motion to avoid getting a streaked effect

• Woodwork

Be careful with wood work not to damage the surface by keeping a good working distance. For walls, fences start at the top and work down

  • Bikes and other Outdoor Toys

As there are a few soft parts like seats and tyres on bikes, it’s a good idea to start with a wide nozzle setting and wash the whole bike or toy and then go over the hard parts with a finer nozzle if necessary

• Rubbish Bins

For best results pour a little detergent inside and allow it to soak for a few minutes, then wash out both the inside and outside

• Outdoor Play Equipment

Outdoor play equipment like children’s play sets and climbing things as well as swings and slides need to be cleaned regularly, but avoid using toxic chemicals on kid-centric surfaces

Wagons, slides and playsets can also be pressure-washed. Start with a 40-degree nozzle because these surfaces may gouge easily. It’s important when using as pressure washer, that use only use a non-toxic cleaning agent on these kid-centric surfaces.

  • Always Use Safety Equipment When Using a Pressure Washer Hose

Using a pressure washer is different than a regular hose because of the high pressure of the water and the potential to cause serious harm to skin and eyes, not only from the water jet but from objects dislodged by it.

Using a pressure washer hose requires consideration to the surface to be cleaned and having the appropriate nozzle size or setting to avoid any damage while using or personal injury.

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