Right Colours For Your Skin Complexion


Fashion experts often classify the different range of complexions that human skin comes in by giving it the label of a season. This is a tedious process that goes into attributing the colour of your skin to a season. The colour of your hair, eyes and your complexion are the primary things that are considered. While this does work to a certain extent, it can be unnecessarily complicated. See the thing is, you can spend months trying to research on what season you actually are, but when it comes to taking action based on the data that you have collected about your skin tone, things tend to get into a state of disarray.

By putting in the efforts to understand what colours work with the complexion of your skin you did walk in the right direction. But choosing clothes based on this information may actually lead you to get flabbergasted. Not in a pleasant way, but in a way that can cause you to ditch the idea altogether. This can be very fortunate since certain colours do indeed bring out the best of the complexion of your skin! So the best approach to this ‘science’ is to keep things simple and to progress as you learn more about this correlation.

  • Fair/Pale Skin: For men with light features, shades that contrast with their skin tone bring out that X factor that they seek. This means, if you are a fair skinned person, you need to stick to darker colours like navy, brown, grey, dark green, graphite, black, and so on. Bright colours look out of place on you. But that simply doesn’t mean that you have to abandon them altogether, Should you choose an apparel in a bright colour, you need to ensure that the rest of your ensemble is made of a darker shade to contrast the effect of the apparel in a brighter colour. For example, if you have chosen to go with a light blue T-shirt, pair it with indigo denim jeans. Get the hang of it yet?
  • Medium Skin Complexion: Also known as the olive toned skin, this refers to all those gentlemen who were born with the ideal’ amount of melanin in their skin. The ‘Tan or dusky’ nature of gentlemen with medium skin tone means they can choose a wide spectrum of colours. Unconventional colour combinations look great on you if you possess this skin tone. This is going to help you create interesting style statements by utilizing the wide array of colours that are available for you to try. At the same time, dark colours can create a lot of interest for your fashion as well.
  • Darker Skin Complexion: As it turns out, the more is the melanin content in your skin, the better are your chances of working with lighter shades. Thanks to the darker tone of your skin you can try some brilliant bright colours. Light blue, green, yellow and orange are some of the colours that flatter you well. You should look to make the most of this by sporting some of the best t shirts, pullovers and shirts in these colours. At the same time, darker tones like brown won’t contrast the colour of your skin very well, giving you a boring aura. Stay away from darker colours, especially during the winter season.

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